The baptism of infants takes place on the third Sunday of each month following the 8:30am Mass. Parents or guardians should contact the office at least one month prior to the Sunday on which they hope to have their child baptized. Preparation includes completing our baptism packet and an in-home visit with the family from Fr. Dought.

The baptism of children 7 & older and adults generally takes place each spring at Easter. Children 7 & older and unbaptized adults looking to begin preparation for the sacraments of Christian Initiation (Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist) should contact the office at (337) 232-2404.



In the Diocese of Lafayette, young people are generally confirmed in the eleventh grade. Registration for our 11th grade confirmation program occurs in August, and our candidates meet every Sunday afternoon from Labor Day through early November. Confirmation generally occurs on the first or second Wednesday of November.

Adults seeking the sacrament of confirmation should contact the office at (337) 232-2404.


First Communion

The sacraments of First Confession and First Communion are usually received in the second grade. Registration occurs in August, and all candidates meet in the spring, five sessions in preparation for First Confession and five in preparation for First Communion. First Confession is celebrated at the end of February, and First Communion on the Second Saturday after Easter.


Through the sacrament of Matrimony, two baptized persons become one, an icon of Christ and the Church in the world. Couples are asked to contact the parish office at least six-months prior to their prospective date. Marriage preparation includes several meetings with the pastor, a course in Natural Family Planning, and a Diocesan Marriage Workshop.


Holy Orders

God calls men to the sacred ministries of the episcopate, priesthood, and diaconate. Fr. Dought is eager to meet with men considering these vocations. Please stop him after Mass or contact the parish office to set up an appointment. Other resources for those considering a vocation to holy orders are: Come and See Weekends at St. Joseph’s Seminary in Covington, LA; the Diocese’s Annual Quo Vadis Days, a summertime retreat in St. Martinville; and Vianney Dinners, annual suppers with priests and seminarians.


Through the sacrament of reconciliation, we receive the forgiveness of sins and reconciliation with God and the Church. This sacrament is offered thirty minutes before all Masses and anytime by appointment. There are also special confession times offered during Advent and Lent.

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Anointing of the Sick

The Church nourishes those who are in danger of death with the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick. This sacrament gives the sick the grace to suffer as Christ suffered as well as healing of body and soul. Please call the office in order to receive this sacrament. In an emergency, call the office and dial “1.”